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Matthieu Michel

Born in 1963, Fribourg. Matthieur Michel studied the trumpet with Americo Bellotto for three years, in Vienna and Berlin. In 1986, Berlin, he made his first disc, Blue Light, as bandleader accompanied by: Walter Norris, Yiye Wilson de Oliveira, Danny Hayes, Manfred Brundl and Alexandro Sanguinetti. In 1989, he made his second CD as bandleader, accompanied by: Maurice Magnoni, Michel Bastet, Mathias Demoulin and Marcel Papaux. In 1994, Matthieur Michel recorded Okipik, a CD in a duo, with Uli Scherer. In 1995, he made two CDs: the first, "Estate",with :Richard Galliano, Thierry Lang, Heiri Känzig and Joris Dudli. The second with: Joachim Kühn, Ricardo Del Fra and Daniel Humair. In 1996, he recorded "The Sadness Of The Yuki", his second CD with :Uli Scherer as well as the record "Makara" with: Uli Scherer, Thierry Lang as well as Daniel Perrin. In 2003, in the context of: "Live In Vevey", he recorded his CD: "Matthieu Michel Live At Théâtre Oriental" with: Martin Reiter, Peter Herbert and Alex Deutsch.

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